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Trust Wallet
Blockchain Android Developer (Kotlin)
9 months ago | 909 views | 7 applications

Blockchain Android Developer (Kotlin)


About the company

Trust Wallet. A simple and secure mobile wallet for that supports 60+ blockchains and 4.5+ million assets, including NFTs. We provide a fully security audited system that makes it simple to store your cryptocurrency. Trust applications, designed for iOS and Android, provide the best possible experience and ease of use. Trust Platform is a set of core technologies and solutions that work together as an ecosystem with enhanced capabilities able to provide developers with advanced tools, enable the integration of blockchain and non-blockchain projects, and reveal the true power of blockchain to the general public. Components of Trust Platform are autonomous but, when working together, are able to augment each other to solve complicated technological challenges, including mass adoption.

Job Summary

Role Outline:

📍SDK Development: Spearhead the design, development, and optimization of Kotlin-based SDKs for blockchain wallets. 📍System Architecture: Devise robust architectures ensuring that the SDK integrates seamlessly with various blockchains and third-party systems. 📍Feature Evolution: Take the lead in enhancing and expanding the capabilities of the SDK, making it adaptable to the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. 📍Documentation & Support: Create comprehensive documentation to assist developers in integrating the SDK. Provide vital support and gather feedback to drive continuous improvement. 📍Team Collaboration: Work alongside a talented team, fostering an environment of innovation, learning, and excellence.


📍Minimum 4 years of software engineering experience, with a significant focus on Kotlin and SDK/Library development. 📍Expertise in developing SDKs and libraries for blockchain applications. 📍Exceptional technical problem-solving skills, matched with outstanding communication and collaboration capabilities. 📍Familiarity with the intricacies of blockchain integrations and how they interact with various SDKs. 📍Adept in modern development practices, including automated testing and continuous integration for library development.

Desirable skills:

📍Previous engagement in blockchain-specific projects, especially related to wallet development. 📍Deep understanding of distributed systems and cryptographic principles. 📍Proficiency in working with different blockchain protocols and standards. 📍Previous experience in Golang, Rust or Solidity is a plus.

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