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BlockChain Developer
3 months ago | 313 views | 2 applications

BlockChain Developer


About the company

At Liminal our mission is to simplify self custody. We make digital assets safer, efficient and rewarding for individuals and businesses without giving up control and ownership.Liminal is an enterprise-grade platform that offers a robust infrastructure for managing digital assets.Liminal enables exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale their digital asset operations through HSM backed plug and play wallet architecture. Our zero key leakage tolerance approach helps institutions in eliminating the risks associated with digital asset transfers, such as, cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error. Liminal's operations excellence framework provides efficient fees management, transaction confirmation guarantees, auto-refilling, sweeping, batching and other wallet operations. Our proprietary regulatory readiness program, which includes AML checks,quarantine wallets, key residency, travel rule and CCSS-compliant platforms, helps businesses fast-track their compliance journey.

Job Summary


📍1. Blockchain Architecture: 📍 Lead the design and development of blockchain wallets, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. 📍Implement and maintain wallet functionalities such as key management, transaction processing, and integration with various blockchain networks. 📍Architect scalable and secure blockchain wallet solution. 📍Evaluate and select appropriate blockchain platforms and technologies. 2. Development and Coding: 📍 Integrate wallets with various blockchain networks, ensuring compatibility with different cryptocurrencies and tokens. - Stay updated on blockchain network upgrades and implement necessary changes to support them. 📍Write high-quality, maintainable, and efficient code. 3. Technical Leadership: 📍Lead and participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to best practices. 4. Collaboration: 📍 Work closely with cross-functional teams, including blockchain developers, QA engineers, and product managers, to deliver high-quality wallet solutions. 5. Security and Performance Optimisation: 📍 Create and maintain comprehensive technical documentation. 📍Conduct knowledge-sharing sessions to enhance the team's expertise in blockchain development.


📍. Education: 📍Bachelor's or Master's or Advance degree in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, or a related field. 📍 Experience: 📍6+ years of experience as a Core Blockchain Developer preferably in secure wallet, transaction, parsing block information, with a demonstrable track record of leading successful blockchain projects. 📍Technical Skills: 📍Expertise in programming languages such as TypeScript, nodeJs, C++, Python or Solidity. 📍In-depth knowledge of blockchain platforms like EVM based chain like Ethereum , UTXO based chain like BTC, or others. 📍Proficiency in using development tools such as metamask, Remix, blockchain explorers and others. - 📍In depth knowledge of secure key management. 📍In-depth knowledge of different cryptography methods and standards used in block chains.

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