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Plai Labs
Associate MLOps DevOps Engineer
2 months ago | 282 views | 2 applications

Associate MLOps DevOps Engineer

Los Angeles
Per year
$75,000 To $150,000

About the company

Our vision is clear: to transform every user into an innovator, every concept into impact. We’re making AI creation not just accessible, but a natural extension of your thought process—opening the doors to innovation for everyone.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities

📍Lead the management of software dependencies within our product solutions, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility across our core SaaS product. 📍Conduct thorough analysis of dependencies to identify potential issues, conflicts, and security vulnerabilities, with a specific focus on ML frameworks and libraries. 📍Develop and implement strategies to resolve dependency conflicts within a multi-tenant, multi-solution SaaS environment. 📍Serve as a subject matter expert on dependency management tools and best practices within the context of ML Ops. 📍Collaborate closely with ML engineers, DevOps engineers and Software Engineers to address dependency-related challenges and streamline the ML development process. 📍Implement automation and orchestration solutions to automate dependency management tasks and enhance efficiency in ML solution deployment and experimentation. 📍Document dependency management processes, standards, and guidelines to ensure compliance with organizational policies and compliance requirements. 📍Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in ML Ops and dependency management, and proactively identify opportunities for process automation and improvement.


📍2+ years working with Python and related Python libraries and frameworks. 📍Proven experience in software engineering and working on software engineering teams. 📍Proficiency in scripting, and automation using languages such as Python and Bash. 📍Knowledge of dependency management tools such as ‘poetry’, ‘pip’, ‘conda’, etc. 📍Excellent communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills. 📍Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to debug, analyze and breakdown complex technical issues into smaller, simple and digestible working solutions. 📍Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and ability to manage multiple priorities effectively.

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