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Administrative and Office Coordinator
at LumaAi
4 months ago | 953 views | 4 applications

Administrative and Office Coordinator


About the company

We believe that multimodality is critical for intelligence. To go beyond language models and build more aware, capable and useful systems, the next step function change will come from vision. So, we are working on training and scaling up multimodal foundation models for systems that can see and understand, show and explain, and eventually interact with our world to effect change. We will deploy these systems to make a new kind of intelligent creative partner that can imagine with us. Free and away from the pressure of being creative. It's for all of us whose imaginations have been constrained, who've had to channel vivid dreams through broken words, hoping others will see what we see in our mind's eye. A partner that can help us show — not just tell.

Job Summary

What’s expected

📍Manage the CEO's calendar, ensuring great organization and efficiency 📍Organize and grow in-person events at the office 📍Arrange company-wide travel plans, and coordinating logistics with care and attention to detail 📍Act as the central go-to person for the team, handling a variety of needs and requests 📍Oversee office management, including daily operations, supply management, and workspace readiness in our Palo Alto office 📍Manage credit card receipts and billing, maintaining financial accuracy and reliability 📍Facilitate new hire onboarding, including equipment procurement Plan and organize offsites, team events, and travel bookings

📍This is a full-time in-office role in Palo Alto 📍A minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar role at a tech startup is essential

Startup Mindset

📍Value speed and execution in a fast-paced environment. 📍Clear and effective communication skills. 📍Focus on building what is crucial. 📍Resourcefulness in overcoming challenges and finding creative solutions.

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