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NEOKingdom DAO
UX/UI designer (closed)
6 months ago | 563 views | 17 applications

UX/UI designer


About the company

Our vision is to make employment fairer, by facilitating both web3 and real-world businesses to operate as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

Job Summary (Vacancy is closed)

UX/UI Designer

📍Rate: 30 - 75€/h depending on skill 📍Title: UX/UI Designer 📍Duration: Part-time 📍Location: Remote 📍Language: English 📍Time investment: 8 to 12 hours per week

About our DAO

📍Our vision is to make employment fairer, by facilitating both web3 and real-world businesses to become Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). We have created the legal and technical framework required to operate as a DAO.

📍Our DAO has taken an unconventional approach to development. Unlike many web3 projects that establish a presence before creating a product, we have a functioning dApp, audited smart contracts, robust legal framework, and a token that PwC has concluded is not a security token! We've been in stealth mode for the majority of our journey. It’s time to change that, and that’s where you come in.

UX/UI Designer

📍We’re looking for a UX/UI designer to help us with enhancing the professional appearance of our website by redesigning specific sections and incorporating icons. Additionally, your responsibilities include developing a template slide deck for presentations, establishing guidelines for our logo and color schemes, with the possibility of redesigning the logo itself. Furthermore, you will be expected to create various artifacts and graphics, such as images for blog posts. Lastly, if feasible, you will contribute to the development of print designs for conferences.


📍At NEOKingdom DAO, we operate in collaborative ""circles"" formed by contributors. As the new UX/UI designer, you'll establish the ""Design Circle,"" working alongside another recent designer.

📍Your close collaborations will be with the Outreach Circle, comprising 4 members, including 2 project managers and 2 marketing professionals, and the Development Circle, consisting of 7 developers. Welcome to the team!

Your experience

📍 thrive in a fast-paced, remote environment and is comfortable with a degree of autonomy. The successful candidate should have: 📍 Proven ability to work in an ambiguous early-stage flat hierarchy environment and take initiative without constant supervision. 📍 A track record of redesigning website elements to enhance professionalism and user experience. 📍 Experience creating impactful template slide decks for presentations. 📍Skill in developing design guidelines for logos, colors, and the potential for logo redesign. 📍Proficiency in creating diverse artifacts and graphics, including images for blog posts and print designs for conferences.

Nice to have

📍While not mandatory, experience with user testing and A/B testing would be valuable in this role. Being able to iterate on designs based on user feedback is a plus, contributing to the continuous improvement of the website and other visual elements. 📍Your proficiency in incorporating user insights into the redesign process would enhance the overall user experience and align with our commitment to delivering high-quality, user-centric designs.

What we offer

📍 Flexibility: We are a fully remote team located across Europe. We primarily work asynchronously, and part-time, so we are family-friendly and are open to different time zones. 📍 Competitive pay: Based on your skill set, responsibility, and the hours you work. Please note, you will be compensated in our native token which you can offramp to Fiat, hold, or do a combination of the two. 📍Shared ownership: Every Contributor gets access to ownership, dividends, and voting rights in the DAO 📍 We are building something new: Contribute to creating a legal and technical framework that allows any organization to adopt our DAO framework

📍If you are interested please contact [email protected]"

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