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SEO Operations Specialist
about 2 months ago | 194 views | 4 applications

SEO Operations Specialist

Hong Kong
Per year
$78,000 To $100,000

About the company

MyShell is building an open ecosystem for AI Native Apps. With powerful model platform and creator toolkit, anyone can easily build AI Native Apps. At MyShell, we envision a future where everyone are empowered to access, crate and benefit with AI native apps in a decentralized way. Since its launch in April 2023, MyShell has accumulated a vibrant and strong community across many countries and areas. With a global exposure, MyShell is growing rapidly. The team behind MyShell is composed of talents from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Princeton, and Oxford. With a diversified and agile team, every employee in MyShell will enjoy a fair, transparent, and warm working environment. MyShell has already secured millions of dollars in funding from top-tier VCs.

Job Summary


📍Develop and implement comprehensive SEO strategies for the entire website, ensuring the execution of SEO technical solutions and overseeing the overall SEO operational plan. 📍Independently manage SEM (Search Engine Marketing) accounts, creating and executing plans based on campaign goals. Monitor and analyze the performance of SEM campaigns to continually optimize the return on investment. 📍Oversee the operation of MyShell on various app stores, including managing basic information and version updates. 📍Analyze competitors' ASO (App Store Optimization) strategies and develop and execute ASO and ASA (App Store Advertising) marketing projects. Collaborate with relevant teams to ensure the strategies are implemented effectively and track and analyze ASO data to enhance product conversion rates and user retention. 📍Gain in-depth understanding of target users' search habits and identify high-value keywords. Master the ranking mechanisms and optimization principles of platforms like Google. Perform keyword optimization, off-site optimization, code optimization, and data analysis, and effectively communicate with website developers. 📍Manage budgets efficiently, remain data-sensitive, regularly analyze and summarize the effectiveness of various channels, identify issues, and define improvement directions. 📍Timely submission of analysis reports on the network promotion effectiveness of the company website.


📍Bachelor's degree or higher; strong English reading, writing, and communication skills. Overseas study experience is preferred. 📍Ability to independently plan and manage content, with at least 3 years of experience in English website content operations. 📍Familiar with website rankings such as Similarweb, traffic principles, search engine optimization, and website monitoring. 📍Strong analytical and execution capabilities regarding website development and operation. 📍Outgoing personality with excellent communication skills and strong team collaboration abilities.

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