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Entangle Labs
QA Lead
19 days ago | 63 views | Be the first one to apply

QA Lead

Per year
$54,000 To $86,000

About the company

Entangle envisions a crypto ecosystem where data and assets flow freely and seamlessly across both Web2 and Web3. We are committed to building B2B solutions with custom universal data feeds, cross-chain messaging solutions, optimised to developers needs and Liquid Vaults DApp, which serves as natural liquidity optimizer and insurer of capital efficiency.

Job Summary

Key Responsibilities

šŸ“Develop QA Strategies: Create and implement comprehensive QA strategies, plans, and processes to ensure the quality of blockchain and web3 products. šŸ“Test Planning and Execution: Oversee the development of test plans, test cases, and test scripts for functional, regression, performance, and security testing. šŸ“Automation: Advocate for and implement test automation frameworks and tools to increase efficiency and coverage of testing activities. šŸ“Collaboration: Work closely with product/project managers, developers, and other stakeholders to understand product requirements, design effective test strategies, and ensure seamless integration and delivery. šŸ“Defect Management: Track, analyse, and report on defects and issues, working with development teams to resolve them in a timely manner. šŸ“Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process improvements, staying current with industry best practices and emerging technologies to enhance QA methodologies. šŸ“Risk Management: Assess and mitigate risks associated with product releases, ensuring thorough testing and validation before deployment. šŸ“Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of QA processes, test results, and quality metrics.

Required Qualifications

šŸ“Experience: Minimum of 7 years of experience in software quality assurance, with at least 3 years in a lead/senior role. šŸ“Technical Skills: Strong understanding of blockchain technology, web3 principles, and decentralised applications. šŸ“Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and blockchain security best practices. šŸ“Proficiency in test automation tools (e.g., Selenium, Cypress) and scripting languages (e.g., Python, JavaScript). šŸ“Methodologies: In-depth knowledge of QA methodologies, testing types, and best practices, including Agile and DevOps environments. šŸ“Problem-Solving: Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with a keen eye for detail.

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