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TON Foundation
QA Engineer
4 months ago | 447 views | 21 applications

QA Engineer

Per year
$67,000 To $80,000

About the company

Inherited from Telegram, the TON blockchain was designed to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, low fees, and easy-to-use native apps, some of which can be used directly in Telegram such as @wallet or @cryptobot. TON is led by an open-source community of experienced developers consisting of some of the best programmers in the world and Telegram blockchain contest winners. Applying its existing ecosystem of communities, developers, publishers, payment providers, and merchants, TON is uniquely positioned to establish the first-ever mass-market cryptocurrency in history.

Job Summary


📍Playing a major role in all stages of development: from design to launch; 📍Take ownership of quality not only for products delivered by the internal team but for all apps of the platform; 📍Applying high loads in testing the Telegram Apps Center; 📍Test third-party data provider integrations; 📍Testing third-party mini-apps; 📍Interaction with advertising and analytical platforms; 📍Implementing the best ideas and practices of Quality Assurance.

You will be expected to

📍Test a wide range of new features and functions for web-based applications; 📍Control product quality at all stages — from discussion to monitoring the launched project; 📍Participate in the implementation of cross-team products and integrations; 📍Support and develop test documentation; 📍Improve processes and automate routine tasks; 📍Proactively give feedback on UI and UX improvements; 📍Be responsible for product quality in front of millions of users.

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