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InfiniGodsCrypto Jobs

InfiniGods is a blockchain gaming studio with a suite of fun, free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations. Developed by veterans in the mobile and social gaming space, InfiniGods has the goal of making fun games using blockchain technologies. The company was founded in 2021 and raised a seed round of $9M led by Pantera Capital and joined by Framework Ventures and Animoca Brands. Our team has worked at major gaming companies such as Facebook, EA, LucasArts, Scopely, DGN & Zynga. We passionately believe that blockchain technology can solve many problems that Free to Play games faced in Web 2. In particular, we believe giving players ownership over their in-game assets can create a much better consumer experience. Our games are focused on being cross platform (web & mobile), free to play, and most importantly: fun! Our ambition is that by making fun, easy to play games we can onboard millions of new players into Web 3 gaming