Hacking usually refers to unauthorised intrusion into a network or a computer. The hacker usually seeks to accomplish a goal different to that of the computer or network.

Hackers employ a variety of techniques including:

Password cracking, Vulnerability scanners, Spoofing attacks, trojan horses, key loggers etc.

In the cryptocurrency exchange, the largest hacks have been:

Bithumb – Bithumb is a South Korean exchange that was a subject of a hack worth $30 million. At the time, it was the sixth largest exchange in the world based on trading volume.

Coinrail – Coinrail is a South Koren exchange that was hacked in July 2018, with the hack allegedly being worth $42 million.

BitGrail – was an Italian exchange that was hacked and $198 million were stollen

Coincheck – was a Japanese exchange that was hacked for around $535 million.