The Internet is full of projects that offer fast, effortless cryptocurrency returns on minimal investment.

In most cases, promises that offer instant returns and sound too good to be true are merely traps set by scammers to lure inexperienced traders to their fraudulent schemes. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the journey of a successful cryptocurrency investor should be long, painful, and expensive.

There are a bunch of projects that offer easy solutions for those who want to start earning in crypto. One such decentralized crowdfunding project is FORSAGE. BeInCrypto dug deeper to find out how it works and what the project is worth.

The Idea Behind FORSAGE

At FORSAGE’s core lies the idea of building a chain of referrals. Each user who takes on the project increases the income opportunities for the chain creator. Risks for the participants are minimal. The investor only needs to invite one participant to the platform to recoup an initial investment.

Each invited user can create their own chain of affiliates and they will generate profit for the starter of the chain. Smart contracts then regulate all settlements between the platform participants on the Ethereum blockchain. This provides several benefits to platform users:

  • True autonomy. FORSAGE is a fully decentralized project. All operations are performed automatically based on smart-contract technology.
  • Project data and investments are protected from hacking and leaks. All terms and conditions are registered in an immutable smart contract. The decentralized system makes it hard to hack or forge. To replace the smart contract data, an attacker would need to gain access to the computers of all participants in the FORSAGE project. There are already roughly 500 thousand of them. Even if the attackers sourced the required computing power, it would take too long, and be too expensive to generate a profit.
FORSAGE statistics as of July 11, 2020

No Payment Delays

  • There are no payment delays in FORSAGE. The system transfers money to the specified smart contract account as soon as the payment is received.
  • Each participant can read the details of the contract before signing. There are no hidden commissions or ugly surprises that are frequent in centralized investment schemes.

Smart contracts also protect users from human error. Notably, FORSAGE does not have a single storage center. The project founders do not have the tools to access the accounts of project participants, however, they can create investment chains on general terms with other platform users.

The lack of a centralized repository makes FORSAGE unattractive to hackers. Basically, they have no honeypot to target. Consequently, FORSAGE investors will not fall victim to the same scenario that caused the DAO hack. That same incident eventually resulted in a split of the Ethereum project into “Classic” and “Forked” versions.


After registration, the investor gets access to two investment programs, dubbed the X3 and X4 platforms. To get started, a new participant needs to pay an admission fee of 0.05 ETH. This gives the investor two options to develop their referral program.

Available Investment Programs

Each platform provides 12 different variations. The more the investor unlocks, the higher the potential income. Furthermore, each platform has its own value and profit level.

Investors can purchase the first X3 and X4 platforms in a bundle (0,025 ETH + 0,025 ETH), however, subsequently, participants can purchase them separately.

Scheme of 12 platform options for X3 (1-12) and X4 (1-12) with different payout levels

For example, one interested investor on X3 (1) will earn the chain starter of 0,025 ETH. Revenue from the next followers on X3 (9) would earn 6.4 ETH. The platforms can develop in parallel, but independently of each other.

A user’s referral peg is created for the entire time they take part in the project. It can neither be changed nor adjusted.

X3 Program

The platform consists of one chain with three links. The first two links are referrals. By inviting two followers to the project, the chain starter gains access to 100% of their initial investments. The third link is for reinvesting.

By inviting the third user, the chain creator can start a new X3 platform that will replace the old one. Thus, the reinvestment link relaunches the investment cycle.

Referrals invited to FORSAGE can create their own investment chains. Income from their partners will also increase the profit of the original chain creator (due to payments under the reinvestment position).

X4 Program

Unlike X3, there are two lines of referrals in X4 each of which is split into two chains. Investments from the first two invited partners are transferred to the upstream project participant. The next four participants bring revenue as follows: three 100% payouts and one reinvestment that starts a similar platform.

The invited partners, in turn, can also open their own investment chains. As in X3, the chain creator will receive reinvestment payments.

Program X3 is shorter than X4. It takes less time to complete. X4 basically allows an investor to attract more partners and increase passive income. Below is a comparison of payouts for users that have completed the X3 and X4 platforms:

Thus, by investing 0.05 ETH and gaining access to X3 and X4, a user can earn 0.175 ETH. With Ethereum priced at $238, revenue from the two platforms will amount to $41.

The profit mostly depends on the activity of the participants. Partners can overtake their predecessors in a system if they open more platforms.

FORSAGE Development Plans

Further stages of development are presented in the project’s roadmap. It lays out targets until the end of the second quarter of 2021. Notably, the roadmap contains the expected income growth of participants.

The project owners plan to grow the community to 400,000 participants by the end of the second quarter of 2020. However, at the time of writing, almost half a million users have already registered with FORSAGE. The global goals specified in the roadmap include:

  • Service launch for crypto-fiat transactions (Q3 2020)
  • Training academy launch and FORSAGE wallet (Q3 2020).
  • Platform gamification and launch of a reality show (Q4 2020).
  • Community growth projected to 1 million participants (Q1 2021).
  • New branches of the academy in 23 languages (Q2, 2021).
Snapshot of the FORSAGE roadmap

FORSAGE developers also expect at least 10 people to become dollar millionaires by the second quarter of 2021 thanks to the platform.

FORSAGE Openness Check

The project developers claim that it is completely decentralized and open. To see how this investment scheme works, just study the associated transactions. All data, including the addresses of senders and recipients, the number of transfers, and the payment times in FORSAGE can be seen via a link on an independent platform.

FORSAGE Benefits and Drawbacks

The project has been the subject of active discussion among crypto community participants and potential investors since it was launched. Community members have pointed out several benefits and drawbacks of the project. The benefits include:

  • Low entry threshold
  • Initial investments in FORSAGE can be fully recouped by adding only one referral to the project
  • The project is available for non-professional investors
  • Low investment risks
  • Fully automated process
  • No restrictions on the maximum income
  • User funds protection due to the decentralized approach

FORSAGE also allows people who have not previously dealt with cryptocurrencies to receive the benefits of new financial instruments and learn the principles of a decentralized approach. The project operates on a global stage. There is a lot of positive feedback for FORSAGE from users in different countries.

The drawbacks include:

  • Beginners may face difficulties with purchasing digital assets.
  • Complex technical design. An inexperienced investor may have a hard time understanding how the system works. However, project reps have tried to simplify the learning process by visualizing the main steps.
  • The structure of FORSAGE resembles a classic financial pyramid (Ponzi scheme). Guided by the experience of participating in similar projects and information about similar startups from the media, users warn about the possible risks of exit scam. The scheme involves the accumulation of investor funds with their subsequent withdrawal by the project organizers.
  • At the end of June 2020, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused FORSAGE of organizing a financial pyramid. The regulator asked the founders of the startup to obtain a license to operate in the jurisdiction. However, the team refused to comply with the request.The creators of the project claim that it has nothing to do with the pyramids. Ponzi scheme organizers and other scammers what to get as much money as possible and flee away. However, they claim that the decentralized nature of the project won’t allow them to perform an exit scam and run away with users’ money. The open-source code of the platform guarantee that users’ money is safe and secure.

    At the time of writing, there is no information about payment delays in FORSAGE scheme. There are no other serious complaints about the project either.


There are projects that allow you to earn cryptocurrency with a minimal investment. FORSAGE is an example of such an initiative.

  • Unlike other investment projects, FORSAGE is available to non-professional investors.
  • The project could potentially become a source of passive income with a low entry barrier.
  • The project has distinct features of  a Ponzi scheme, while the team denies the fraudulent intent

Users are advised to perform due diligence and study the peculiarities of the Forsage scheme before making a decision about participating in the project.

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