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Fashion Brand DKNY Reinvents Logo as an NFT

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In Brief

  • Fashion house DKNY jumps into the NFT game.
  • The auction will go towards workers at the front line of the pandemic.
  • The fashion industry continues its strides into crypto.
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The world of fashion and NFTs continues to expand as DKNY reinvents its logo as an NFT. 

In the heat of the NFT craze, yet another major fashion brand jumps into the game. DKNY announced the release of its logo, but this time as a non-fungible token up for auction. 

The brand’s new logo takes inspiration from a previous DKNY mural in New York City. However, in NFT form, the logo is animated with scenes of biking down a busy New York avenue. It features the lights of Times Square, pedestrians on the East City Parkway and a medley of city sounds. According to the brand, the busy NFT reflects the classic NYC saying that it’s a, “city that never sleeps.”

Executive VP or G-III Apparel Group, which owns DKNY, commented on the auction via the company’s official announcement. “We are excited for DKNY to launch our new logo through this art form,” he said. “The digital art highlights the brand’s strong bond with New York City in a way that is uniquely our own and pushes the brand into this digital space with our first NFT.”

DKNY’s NFT is in collaboration with Parisian artists Obvious. The auction is for Sept. 1 on the Rad NFT marketplace

However, this isn’t just an average NFT drop. The fashion house decided all proceeds of the auction will go towards front-line workers. Therefore the brand partnered with the American Nurse Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses. The foundation provides monetary relief for nurses working with COVID-19 patients.  

The Fashion Industry and NFTs

DKNY is only one of the many fashion and beauty brands now involved in the crypto space. 

Two other major fashion houses on par with DKNY are Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. Both released their own exclusive NFTs this past year. Louis Vuitton collaborated with renowned artist Beeple for their 200th birthday celebration. While, D&G created a collection which highlights their cultural heritage as a brand. 

Along with brand names, the fashion media giant Vogue also got in on the NFT fun. The Singapore edition of the fashion magazine released an NFT collectible series via Binance. 

Though it’s not just NFT art and collectibles which brings the fashion and crypto worlds into collision. Fashion brands are also using blockchain technology to stifle counterfeiting in the industry. 

As the world catches on to the wonders of decentralized technology, surely this is only the beginning of industry overlap. 


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