CryptoAltum: Commission-Free Trading With High Leverage and Low Margins

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CryptoAltum, the leading CFD (Contract for Difference) trading platform with the highest leverage and lowest margin has released several new features including a new daily trading brief as well as a blog with information on what crypto CFD’s are, reasons to trade crypto CFD’s, exchange versus CFD trading, and ways of minimizing risks when trading crypto CFD’s, among other topics. CFD trading has long been a way for traders to speculate on bidirectional price movements of certain markets without owning the underlying asset.

CryptoAltum’s traction in the past few months stems from various product updates. For example, the platform recently released the addition of U.S. oil commodity instruments on the CFD platform, allowing users to further diversify their portfolios. The company also added XLMUSD, XLMJPY, IOTUSD and XTZUSD to its growing list of unique digital currency pairs. In addition, the company’s MT5 upgrade was completed with MT5 Build 2450 allowing users to subscribe to market data services, quickly open depth of market and open charts, add chart frame highlighting, and show operation profitability percentage and market value of the position. 

The company’s 1:500 leverage is significantly higher than competitors’ platforms allowing traders to achieve the highest profitability for trades that are correctly placed. The fact that CryptoAltum avoids charging withdrawal fees, deposit fees or commission fees and offers some of the lowest spreads in comparison with competing platforms such as eToro may make the trading platform one of the lowest cost options for traders, increasing traders’ overall profitability over time. 

Overall, CryptoAltum provides a great way for users to not only trade in an efficient and leveraged way but also to trade as the most informed market participants through the company’s blogs and via their Telegram channel. For those that may benefit from an all-in-one trading platform offering one of the largest selections of cryptocurrency CFD’s as well as instruments for trading indices, commodities and Forex with the highest leverage and lowest margins, CryptoAltum may be the most satisfactory option.

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