Crypto Leaks Launches Platform That Reveals Scams and Corruption

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Crypto scams and corruption have persisted for years, affecting many in their wake. Crypto Leaks launched to defend honest crypto communities by exposing big-money corruption, attacks, and scams.

The project’s first two cases uncover the events behind the mysterious price movement and attack on ICP token investors.

An instrument called ICP-PERP issued on FTX manipulated the price before launch.

Shortly after, the New York Times published an article citing Arkham Intelligence, a bogus organization created for one purpose: to distort the project.

The result: Multi-billion losses for crypto holders. The next case is about to come out.  

Terra Luna has sent a shock wave through the crypto industry, giving speculation about market manipulation a fresh impetus.

Speculations often remain speculative because of a lack of evidence. Crypto Leaks aims to change this.  

Corrupt behavior and market manipulation are not uncommon in the crypto space and occur behind closed doors.

Many powerful and unethical people have been attracted to the crypto industry by the chance to make fast money.

They present themselves as being interested in the technology and social impact. It is difficult for outsiders to get a clear and transparent picture.

Insiders get to set which tokens other investors think will be hot next, after taking their own positions beforehand.  

About Crypto Leaks

Crypto Leaks aim to help crypto investors, by revealing wrongdoing, and showing people how corruption, and subtle behind-the-scenes manipulations, should make you think twice about everything you read and hear.

Visit crypto – read, share, learn, and contribute. As diehard blockchain enthusiasts, we will contribute to the task of nudging our industry towards a brighter, more honest future.


All the information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only. Any action the reader takes upon the information found on our website is strictly at their own risk.
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