Build on Mars and Get Rewarded: Mars4 Releases Its First Game Demo

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The first demo version of Mars4, a play-to-earn survival game, is now available for NFT holders to experience.

Players will be able to master fundamental concepts and construct their first Mars station in this game. To add to the excitement, Mars4 will organize a construction competition: construct, submit, and win prizes!

Mars4: Bringing fun to NFT gaming

Crypto games have often been criticized, with the majority of them being labeled as monotonous.

The Mars4 project seeks to develop an entertaining and interesting game. It’s a AAA Player versus Environment game with a scientifically-inspired setting.

In the game, you mine for materials, explore your property for the ideal location for your station and develop various structures to improve your survival chances. Become a pioneer colonist in Mars4 and terraform the area around you, gather in habitats, and make money by playing the game.

Mars4 is similar to traditional games, but it also has a play-to-earn component, giving it the best of both worlds.

NFTs from Mars4

You can purchase a piece of Mars land as an NFT through Mars4. Later, you will be able to explore your property in the game. Because NASA data was used to create all of the Mars land NFTs, they are identical to the Red Planet out there.

Other in-game NFTs will be introduced in the near future. They will contain various items such as vehicles and avatars (colonists). These assets will help gamers to earn more and much more quickly.

How can you profit from Mars4?

You can earn from Mars4 in two ways: passively and actively.

Earnings from the community pool, a revenue-distribution tool, are an example of passive income. MARS4 dollars are constantly being added to the community pool from numerous sources such as sales, in-game transactions, and advertising.

Landowners have an option to open the community pool and distribute the pool’s contents among themselves. Your share of the community pool is decided by your productivity score, which rises as a result of your investment in Mars4.

Holding more NFTs (in-game and land) will generate more income for you. 

The game itself is a source of active revenue. You may, for example, exchange various materials and accomplish objectives for other players to earn MARS4 dollars from the game.

For example, by using your vehicle NFT, you will be able to transport resources around the planet for other players.

Play-to-earn: A bright future that will be here soon

Many NFT games are still in the early stages of development with murky development timelines. This comes as no surprise since the trend of NFT game development emerged recently.

Developing a game takes a significant amount of time, resources, and specialist expertise, so many NFT games are still in the early stages of production. 

This is where Mars4 shines: you may test out the game demo right now. The game demo allows you to use your creativity to design any structure you want on Mars. The finest creations will be honored and rewarded during the construction competition hosted by Mars4.

Mars4 is a community-driven project that will progress in the way that players choose, therefore, the creators are eager to hear feedback from the players.

Mars4 aspires to be a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, thus, many adaptations will be made based on the players’ reviews. 

Mars4 is making significant progress toward developing an immersive Mars metaverse experience with blockchain integration. The release of the final game is planned for next year.

Before the full-fledged metaverse, the Mars4 team plans to produce game versions. This is done to gather feedback and help early investors to master the game’s mechanics.

Mars4 is an example of Web3 since it provides participants with tools to control the project and profit from it. It blends conventional gaming’s fun factor with a play-to-earn mechanism invented by blockchain technology to produce the best of both worlds: an engaging AAA game that allows players to earn.

It is launching the first game demo and dominating the P2E market since other games are still in the early phases of development. Now is a fantastic opportunity to join the rapidly growing community and be the first to play the Mars4 game.

To make it even more exciting, It will be hosting a building competition any landowner can join. 


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