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Testnet Airdrop | Round 2

Testnet Airdrop | Round 2

Complete simple tasks to share the prize pool

Prize pool

100,000,000 $AGENT20


5002 people used


Worldwide (1)


AgentLayer Testnet


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10 days left

How to participate in airdrop:

  • Follow AgentLayer on social media

  • Complete on-chain task for at least 15 days

    • On-Chain Interaction: Connect your wallet on AgentLayer and complete an onchain sign-in to earn daily rewards.
  • Accumulate at least 50,000 AgentLayer Points in total to share the prize pool

    • Social media interaction (150 points)
    • Connect & sign-in on-chain interaction (300 pts)
    • Daily check-in (50 pts).
    • Invite friends (100 pts each)
    • Use Agent for the first time (500 pts)
    • Daily Agent usage (200 pts)

About the project

AgentLayer is a comprehensive solution, allowing users to personalize, launch, and engage with an exclusive AI ecosystem. Imagine AgentLayer as a collective of intelligent automatons operating independently. These robots possess the ability to communicate and collaborate with one another with minimal human intervention. It’s important to emphasize that unlike most of existing agents, which rely on the ChatGPT API, AgentLayer follows a distinct approach. The most interesting AI agents includes:

  • Fortuna: offers mystery boxes with randomized rewards.
  • AGIS: AI agent that merges GPT capabilities with static analysis to identify logical vulnerabilities in smart contracts.
  • Sentinel: AI system that scrutinizes on-chain transactions for unusual behavior and notifies users of possible risks.

Explore more AI Agents in a comprehensive AgentLayer overview